Menstrual Pad Packs


This menstrual Pack will contain:

  • 9 menstrual pads of various brands and absorbencies
  • Wet Bag
  • 1 x Figgy and Co Coconut Soap



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These reusable menstrual cloth pad sets are environmentally friendly and user-friendly. They are available in different absorbency to suit your flow. Made with high quality, highly absorbent and breathable fabrics, our lady menstrual pads are convenient, comfortable and cost-effective.

These menstrual cloth pads have a super soft plush bamboo velour top, bamboo inner core and a waterproof backing. This set is ultra-trim without compromising on absorbency.

Ecobird lady cloth pads are suitable for light flow, light incontinence, spotting or discharge. Great to use for everyday use, as needed or as a backup to a Menstrual cup.