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Fleurcup Menstrual Cup

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Made in France, designed for the femme guerriere economique (economical warrior woman).

We have two sizes to offer (small / large) that will help shape your new plastic-free period story. It is made from 100% medical silicone with no colorants or chemicals involved.

With comfort for your lady parts in mind Fleur Menstrual Cup is super supple, flexible and oh so comfortable to insert. Remember to know your flow before making a  purchase, or if you are at the experimental stage of finding a cup, grab both sizes and see what one works best for you.

Which size to choose ?


The Small Fleurcup menstrual cup is adapted to adolescents, young ladies and for light flow periods.


  • Diameter: 41mm
  • Height (not including stem): 47mm
  • Total volume: 25ml
  • Capacity (from the base to the air holes): 20ml, stem length: 23mm


The Large Fleurcup is adapted to women who have already given birth or who have heavy-flow periods.


  • Diameter: 46mm
  • Height (not including stem): 52mm
  • Total volume: 35ml
  • Capacity (from the base to the air holes): 29ml, stem length: 18mm



Our Impact

1262 Tonnes of menstrual waste saved from landfills and waterways in New Zealand and global warming potential (greenhouse gases) reduced by 1,693,721kg CO² eq.