Student Menstrual Cups

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You can order a Menstrual Cup at a subsidized price of $12.00 (+ freight $3.00)! Or buy one of our awesome Waste Free Period Kits from MyCup!

The Kiko Menstrual Cups are available at this price to all Students who have a current New Zealand Student ID. All you have to do is order, Piece of Cake!

Save Money, treat your body and save the planet from disposable menstrual waste!

By buying a Menstrual Cup you will experience the following benefits:

  • Less landfill waste – No more sanitary waste.
  • Is odour-free. As the blood has no contact with the outside air, it does not smell.
  • Vaginal pH and beneficial bacteria stay in place. Tampons absorb all your vaginal fluid along with the blood, which may disturb the delicate pH and bacterial balance in your vagina.
  • Cost effective. Even if you replace your cup once a year, you’ll still make 11 fewer trips to the supermarket than you would if you used the disposable paper-based methods.
  • Easy to use. Anyone who has used tampons, especially the kind without applicators, should have little trouble learning how to insert a menstrual cup. Simply fold it so it looks like a tampon, aim it toward the back of the vagina and give a little push. It should actually draw itself up and pop open. When inserted properly, you shouldn’t feel its presence at all.
  • There has been no association with TSS (Toxic shock syndrome) whilst using a menstrual cup.
  • Is hypoallergenic – suitable for women with sensitive skin, dermatitis and latex allergies.
  • Is easy to clean and maintain. Just rinse with water and then boil at the end of your period. 
  • Can be worn 2-3 times longer than a pad or tampon, up to 12 hours including overnight, depending on flow. Tampons need to be changed every 4-6 hours.
  • Can be worn by women with a retroverted uterus and heavy menstrual flow.
  • It is invisible! Has no embarrassing strings, no wings and no leaks, making it perfect for women with an active lifestyle who enjoy sports such as running, swimming and yoga.
  • Is great for traveling: easy to pack and you don’t have to worry about buying or disposing of products.
  • Non drying: doesn’t make your vagina dry like tampons so it can be worn before you start your period. Tampons absorb the blood from your period but they also absorb you natural lubricants.
  • Maintain your natural PH: No more disrupting the natural flow of things by inserting chemical laden tampons.
  • Fewer cramps. Many women report feeling better during their period when using a cup
  • You can keep track of how much you’re menstruating. It’s easy to measure with a menstrual cup, unlike pads or tampons in case your doctor or nurse needs to know.
  • Comfort. You won’t even notice it’s in there, once you get the hang of inserting it correctly.
  • Knowledge is power. Get to know you body better and how easy your cycle can be with a menstrual cup.
  • They are super cute! Menstrual Cups are cool!
  • They’re convenient. Only deal with 1 thing instead of a carrying around pads and tampons.
  • High quality. They’re safe and made from medical grade silicone.

Let us know if you have any questions by emailing us!