My Cup NZ will email you a quote that you can take to your case manager or local WINZ branch for approval. Once your quote is approved WINZ will pay for your order and your order will be sent to you directly from My Cup. 

If you apply for a rebate from The Good Fund they will pay 50%* of the cost of your order back to WINZ directly. 

What is the maximum I can claim from The Good Fund?

* The maximum amount you can claim from The Good Fund is $47.50. This is equivalent to 50% of the cost of the most expensive menstrual pack that we offer. 

If you wish to add more items to your WINZ quote, you can do so but be aware that you will need to pay this back to WINZ over time. 

Is the WINZ payment part of a WINZ grant?

No. WINZ adds your order to your current debt. 

Can this be included in your disability allowance?

No. The Disability allowance is for ongoing costs. This is considered a one-off-cost so WINZ will add this as an advance to your current debt. 

My quote has been declined!

Do not despair! Please email us your case managers email address and their name and we will contact them. Not all WINZ case managers know what reusables are so we need to send them information that help them help you.