Reusables For Teens

Reusables For Teens

How does period underwear work?

Our briefs feature a super comfy inbuilt pad with four layers of protection.

First time using period underwear?

We recommend you try them on a lighter day of your period or when you are at home. This is your ‘experiment’ day when you can learn how your briefs work for you.

Remember Period Underwear hold different capacities, use that gauge if when you will need to change them if it is less than a day.  Only you know your flow!

If you want to change them less often, then wear use them with a menstrual cup or tampon.

Now that you’re confident, you can wear your briefs anywhere you like...just not in water!

How do I choose the right sized period underwear.

You can find our period underwear size guide information here.

What’s the difference between menstrual cups?

We are really lucky that there are so many great brands out there to choose from now. It means there are cups ideally suited if you are sporty, or if you have a low cervix, or if you want to use it during sex. Each cup listed here will have its own unique description - this outlines why we have chosen to include this on the website, and who it is best suited for.

What size menstrual cup do I buy?

To find out what size menstrual cup to buy, you will need to know (or find out) the size of your cervix. The easiest way to identify the right size cup for you is to take our instant online questionaire which walks you through the questions we get most frequently, and based on your answers will provide a collection of product reccomendations that suit your flow and body.

Please keep in mind that the body changes whilst menstruating: the cervix can move and at times you might need two sizes of menstrual cups to work with your active cervix! 

Before your period your uterus usually relaxes and drops your cervix down lower into your vagina, the entrance to the cervix (os) opens and the blood flows into the vagina.

Are menstrual cups suitable for teenagers?

Yes. MyCup has a specific teen sized menstrual cup here.

Does my period underwear contain dodgy chemicals?

Our period underwear are safe to wear and contain no chemical nasties. 

How much flow does period underwear hold?

All brand of period underwear absorb differently.

If you have a light to regular flow then any of our Love Luna Period Underwear would be perfect to get started with. 

With a heavy, gushy flow you might want to try using a menstrual cup or tampon in conjunction with period underwear to help you feel really safe! Or, just go with a heavy flow brand like Modibodi!

Most period underwear needs to be changed like a pad every 4-8 hours.

How long does Love Luna period underwear last for?

If you follow all care instructions, during and after you use them, they will last around 9-12 months. Some last a lot longer if they are hand-washed or machine washed in a delicates bag. 

Just remember, rinse after use, and wash in cold water only and line dry.  Avoid bleaches, fabric softener and the dryer.

How many pairs of period underwear do I need for each cycle?

This really depends on you and your flow.  If you use them exclusively, we would suggest 7-10 pairs of period underwear per cycle. If you use them in conjunction with a menstrual cup
or tampons (as back-up), you might need around 3-5 pairs.     

Can I use period underwear on their own?

Hell Yes!! We know a lot of our customers are loyal Love Luna users and don't use a cup at the same time. If you have a heavy flow, check out the heavy flow styles.

Can I swim in my Lunas?

You can now! Swim specific Love Luna period underwear is available here. You can also swim in any menstrual cup.

How do I clean my period underwear?

Rinse in a cold water bucket if you can, otherwise just pop them in a cold water wash cycle then dry them! You can find our specific cleaning accessories here.

How do I find my cervix size?

We can point you in the direction of some great video content that helps explain this further but one solution to this question is to insert your finger into your vagina. If your entire finger goes in and only just touches your cervix you most likely have an 'average' size cervix, if your finger goes in and you cannot feel it (or you have to reach for it) you probably have a high cervix, and if you feel your cervix before your full finger is inserted you most likely have a low cervix. If you have prolapse you probably know about it, but if you are unsure on any of this you're welcome to give us a call on 0800 692 876 anytime between 9am-2.30pm Monday to Friday!

How do I insert my menstrual cup?

It is super important to wash your hands with soap before and after you use any menstrual product.

To make the cup easier to insert, you can rinse it under warm water. When the cup is warm, it’s easier to manipulate.

To insert your cup, make sure you’re relaxed. Hold your cup in its folded position with your index finger and your thumb. Gently insert it into your vagina. Your cup will pop open. To make sure that it has popped open, feel the base of your cup and make sure that it’s rounded, soft and bouncy. If the cup hasn’t popped open, twist it to make it pop open properly or remove it and try again.

Read more on this topic here.

How do I remove my menstrual cup?

Pull the cup not the stem...!!!

Once your cup is in, it’s recommended that you change it every 4 to 8 hours, depending on your flow. Never leave a menstrual product in your body for more than 8 hours as bacteria can build up.

To remove your cup, get into a comfortable sitting or standing position. Grab the stem and gently wriggle it until you can grab the base of the cup. Pinch the cup at the base to break the seal and gently remove it from your vagina, making sure that it’s upright the entire time. If the cup is tilted in any way, spillage can occur!

How do I care for a menstrual cup?

Empty your cup and then rinse it or wash it with gentle soap or menstrual cup wash before inserting it again. When washing your cup, you can scrub it with your fingers or a sterilised toothbrush. If you do not have access to a private basin where you can clean your cup, make sure that you bring a bottle of water into the bathroom with your so that you can rinse your cup over the

At the end of your period, sterilize your cup again. Place it out in the sun to dry then pop it into its storage bag or container.

Do menstrual cups cause Toxic Shock Syndrome?

Anything that you leave inside your body for longer than 8 hours can cause TSS. Our reccommendation is to never leave a menstrual product in your body for more than 8 hours as bacteria can build up.

Can I use a menstrual cup if I'm a virgin?