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Underwear Size Guide

Love Luna Size Guide

Applies to: Bikini Brief, Full Brief, Midi Brief, Luxe Period Full Brief, Luxe Period Midi Brief, Period Swim wear, Heavy Brief (40mls)

Love Luna Teen Size Guide

Applies to: Love Luna Period Underwear Teen Range

Bamboo Basics Bra Size Guide

Applies to: Bamboo Basics Body Bra Sizes

Modi Bodi Size Guide

Applies to: Full Modi Bodi Period Underwear Range

Menstrual Cup Size Guide

My Cup Size Guide

Applies to: My Cup Menstrual Cups. The most important factor in choosing the right cup is knowing your cervix height. You need to check this every day during your period as your cervix can move.

Once you know your cervix height you can have a good idea of what menstrual cup "height" you will need.

Merula Cup Size Guide

Applies to: Merula Standard and Merula XL Menstrual Cups

Me Luna Cup Size Guide

Applies to: All Me Luna Menstrual Cups

  • Size Guide for Intimina Cup

    The closer your cervix is to the entrance of your vagina, the shorter your vaginal canal is, and this may affect the type of cup you should use. Take into consideration that the cervix height changes depending on the time of the month, even during the period - it can get lower or higher. Women with a lower cervix may find Lily Cup One more comfortable as it is shorter.

    All cups’ stems apart from Ziggy Cup can be shortened or trimmed to fit you more comfortable, but be careful not to damage your cup. There's a specific marked point after which you shouldn't cut higher. You can find the diagrams on the manuals. If the stem of Lily Cup Compact and Lily Cup is still too long you can try and flip the cup inside out.

    Lily Cup is great for any flow volume: from light to very heavy. Lily Cup Compact is best for light to medium flow. However, if you have a heavier flow you can still use it, you’ll just have to empty it more frequently. Ziggy Cup covers light to heavy flow – up to 76 ml!

  • Size Guide for JuJu Cup

    The JuJu cup is available in 4 sizes.

    As a general rule of thumb, we recommend;

     Model 1 if you are under 30 and have not given birth

     Model 2 if you are over 30 or have given birth (regardless of age)

     Model 3 if you have a high cervix or long vaginal canal

     Model 4 if you have a low cervix or short vaginal canal

    You may like to try the menstrual cup quiz HERE to find a model which may suit you. Please bear in mind, anatomies vary from person to person so this general size guide might not be suitable for everybody.

  • Size Guide for Lunette Cup

    Lunette Cup Model 1: is made of softer silicone than Lunette Cup Model 2. For women with light to moderate flow, or who are younger, or have not experienced intercourse.

    Diameter 41 mm

    Stem length 25 mm, Cup length 47 mm

    Volume 25 ml

    Lunette Cup Model 2: is made of firmer silicone than Lunette Cup Model 1. For women who have a normal or heavier flow. This cup is our bestseller. Better suited for those who have given birth vaginally or engaged in intercourse.

    Diameter 46 mm

    Stem length 20 mm, Cup length 52 mm

    Volume 30 ml