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Love Luna

Biodegradable Regular Pad - Love Luna

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Biodegradable Regular Pad - Love Luna is made from certified organic bamboo, making them biodegradable, hypoallergenic and antibacterial.

Love Luna have taken every step possible to make sure their organic bamboo pads are as environmentally friendly as possible, from the individual biodegradable wrapper to the packaging printed with environmentally-friendly inks.

Did you know that regular pads take 500-800 years to breakdown! These Pads are made from certified organic biodegradable Bamboo, and only take 180 days to completely break down!

Contains: 10 individually wrapped Regular Pads

    • Made from certified organic Bamboo
    • Ultra thin, absorbent and dry against the skin
    • No hidden plastics
    • Suitable for a medium to heavy flow
    • Naturally hypoallergenic & breathable
    • Free from chlorine & dioxin bleach
    • Not tested on animals, cruelty free & vegan

    • Pack of 10 Regular Pads

Love Luna are committed to finding sustainable solutions for all of their personal care products. They aim to help rid the earth and its oceans of unsustainable plastics and other materials.

Their mission is simple: Avoid harmful disposable products and enrich the earth with sustainable solutions.

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Our Impact

1262 Tonnes of menstrual waste saved from landfills and waterways in New Zealand and global warming potential (greenhouse gases) reduced by 1,693,721kg CO² eq.