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Menstrual Cup

Chakra Lava Stone Bracelet

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This bracelet allows you to add a little aromatherapy to your bling!  Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil blend (as much or as little as you prefer) to the lava stones and rub in with your fingers to allow the pores to better absorb the oil.

"The Lava Stone has considered the king of gems in the Middle Ages and its origin plays a key role in the stone’s healing properties. As its name would suggest, the stone comes from the core of the Earth. Because this stone comes from such a raw energy (fire), it is considered to be a stone of rebirth. It is commonly known for its grounding, calming and healing properties and according to our ancestors, these minerals were the depositaries of the mysteries of the Universe."

"I wear one of these chakra lava stone bracelets quite often, and depending on my mood and what I need (a pick me up, mood uplifter, to relax etc.) will change between which of our essential oil blends I use on the lava stones." - Blair, Nudi Point

Our Impact

1262 Tonnes of menstrual waste saved from landfills and waterways in New Zealand and global warming potential (greenhouse gases) reduced by 1,693,721kg CO² eq.