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Skye Candle and Body

Soothing Chest Rub

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New Zealand’s weather can change in an instant, and with those changes bring seasonal influxes of colds and sniffles. Using the Soothing Chest Rub by Skye Candle & Body Care can provide some relief and comfort from the symptoms, helping to ease congestion by unblocking sinus passages to make breathing easier. The gentle warmth of the balm can soothe aching muscles, helping your body and mind gently recover.

Made in New Zealand using only 100% natural ingredients, each 30g tub contains a combination of natural olive oil, beeswax, menthol crystals, camphor essential oil and eucalyptus essential oil.

Ideal for ages 2 years and up, so the whole family can enjoy, this chest rub is definitely a must-have, to beat those ill's and chills.

Our Impact

1262 Tonnes of menstrual waste saved from landfills and waterways in New Zealand and global warming potential (greenhouse gases) reduced by 1,693,721kg CO² eq.